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Ordinary Patent Application

Our standard patent application is tailored for clients seeking protection within India. The filing with the Indian Patent Office ensures comprehensive coverage for your inventive concepts in the Indian market.


Convention Patent Application

Tap into global protection by filing based on the priority of an earlier application in a convention country. Our efficient process ensures timely filing within the 12-month window, securing your intellectual property internationally.


PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Application

Simplify your global patent strategy with our PCT application service. Streamline the process of filing patents in multiple countries through a centralized application before proceeding to individual national or regional patents.


Provisional Patent Application

Lay the foundation for your patent journey with our provisional application service. Establish an early filing date, giving you time to develop and refine your invention before filing a regular non-provisional application within 12 months.


Non-Provisional (Complete) Patent Application

Secure comprehensive protection for your invention in India with our non-provisional application. Once granted, this application provides you with full patent protection, safeguarding your innovative ideas.


Design Application

Safeguard the aesthetic appeal of your creations with our design patent application. Filed to protect the ornamental design or visual appearance of an article of manufacture, it ensures your unique designs are shielded from unauthorized use.


Divisional Patent Application

Navigate the complexities of multiple inventions within a single application using our divisional application service. We help you file divisional applications, allowing you to protect distinct inventions separately.


Patent of Addition

Innovations evolve, and so can your patent protection. With our Patent of Addition service, we assist in filing to protect improvements or modifications made to an invention claimed in an earlier-filed patent.

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