Founder & Managing Partner

Madhu K

Founder & Managing Partner

Profile Overview

Madhu is the Founder & Managing Partner of GoldenIP LLP, exemplifies a unique convergence of technological expertise and legal prowess. A Computer Science Engineer by academic pedigree and an Indian Patent Agent by professional accreditation, Madhu commands over 14 plus years of versatile experience in the field of patents. His extensive journey unfolds as a narrative of adeptly managing end-to-end patent-related affairs on a global scale.

Before establishing the acclaimed GoldenIP, Madhu honed his skills as an in-house Patent Attorney for a prominent multinational corporation. Additionally, he contributed his expertise to other reputable IP firms in India, enriching his insights and refining his approach. Madhu’s professional journey reflects not only his commitment to excellence but also his deep understanding of the complexities inherent in patent-related domains.

In a career marked by excellence, Madhu has demonstrated his proficiency in serving a diverse clientele that transcends boundaries. This distinguished list comprises Fortune 500 companies, renowned space agencies, as well as startups, SMEs, multinational corporations, academic institutions, and individual innovators. His multifaceted experience positions him as a seasoned navigator in the intricate landscape of intellectual property.

Education & Admission

Professional Journey as a Patent professional

Before founding GoldenIP, Madhu gained invaluable experience as an in-house Patent attorney for a prominent Japanese multinational corporation and worked with other well-known IP firms in India.

Professional Expertise Highlights:


Patentability Searches

Meticulous assessment across a broad spectrum of technologies.


Patent Drafts

Demonstrates expertise in translating innovative concepts into effective patent applications.


Patent Prosecutions

Proven success in navigating the intricacies of the patent process for optimal client protection.


Competitor Patent Watches/Monitoring searches

Vigilant tracking of the competitive landscape, ensuring clients are informed and prepared.


Technology Surveys & Patent Landscapes

In-depth analysis providing a comprehensive understanding of technological trends.


Invention Harvestings

Facilitates productive brainstorming sessions to extract and refine inventive concepts.


Intellectual Property Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Commitment to imparting knowledge, fostering awareness, and contributing to the IP community.


Infringement Analysis and Claim Mappings

Strategic insights into potential infringements and optimization of patent claims.


Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches and FTO Analysis

Proficiency in conducting FTO searches, providing clients with a clear understanding of potential risks and opportunities before proceeding with innovations.


Patent Due Diligences

Thorough assessments ensuring informed decision-making in business transactions.

Madhu’s visionary drive has led to the establishment of GoldenIP, a pioneering entity dedicated to excellence in Intellectual Property services. Under Madhu’s leadership, the firm has set a benchmark for top-tier intellectual property services, serving a diverse clientele. GoldenIP goes beyond traditional legal services, empowering stakeholders in the ever-evolving field of intellectual property.

Madhu’s diverse skills and extensive experience underscore his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services through GoldenIP.

For unparalleled solutions, strategic collaborations, and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding innovation, reach out to Madhu and the GoldenIP team.

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