Co-Founder & Designated Partner

Co-Founder & Designated Partner

Profile Overview

Madhushree is a dedicated professional with a rich background in Biotechnology and Industrial Chemistry. Her journey is marked by academic excellence, hands-on teaching experience, and a significant contribution to the field of intellectual property. Madhushree’s commitment to knowledge and innovation has shaped her into a versatile individual capable of bridging the gap between academic and practical application.

Madhushree embarked on her academic journey at Kuvempu University, where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. Building on this foundation, she went on to attain a Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from the same esteemed institution. Her academic prowess was underscored by the prestigious achievement of securing a gold medal during her Master’s program, a testament to her exceptional performance and dedication to her studies.

Education & Achievements

Experience in Education

Madhushree’s passion for knowledge dissemination led her to take on roles as a Lecturer at Vikasa Pre-University College and Nandana School & Pre-University College. In this capacity, she dedicated five years to nurturing young minds, providing guidance, and contributing to the academic development of students. Her time as an educator further enriched her understanding of diverse learning needs and styles.

Professional Journey as a Patent professional

Eager to explore the intersection of science and law, Madhushree transitioned into the role of a Patent Consultant. In this phase of her career, she lent her expertise to various startups, MSMEs and organizations, specializing in conducting comprehensive patent searches. Her work involved navigating complex intellectual property landscapes, offering strategic insights, and facilitating the protection of innovative ideas. Madhushree’s tenure as a Patent Consultant showcased her adaptability and ability to apply her scientific background to legal contexts effectively.

Madhushree’s profile is a tapestry of academic excellence, teaching experience, and a successful transition into the specialized field of intellectual property. Her multidimensional skills make her a valuable asset, capable of contributing to diverse projects and industries.

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